Antagonist Role opposite John Travolta on the upcoming heist movie CASH OUT 2 High Rollers as SALZAR, a villain who is responsible for Amelias kidnapping and holding her hostage until Mason (J. Travolta) and his crew have met his demands. Handsome. Refined. Brilliant.

Recurring Role for TV Show  JUPITER JONES as Ronaldo, helmed by Dan Garcia. 

Principal Role for DAYS OF OUR LIVES as Justice of Peace.

Strong Supporting Role for the movie INCARCERATED as Condor Cruz, a father seeking his daughter’s forgiveness. Now on TUBI.

Supporting Role for the movie    A ROYAL CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY as Chuck, a loving and protective father. Now on GREAT AMERICAN FAMILY .

Male Lead role for the movie HOT GIRL WINTER as Andy Michaels, a tech billionaire in search for true love. Now on TUBI.

National TV Commercial for AT&T.

Lead Role for the movie       THE EXILE ROAD  as Zataar, a wise and calm Israelite.

Strong Supporting Role for the movie TWISTED DATE as Francisco Vega, a famous photographer to the celebrities. Now on TUNI.

Strong Supporting Role for the movie THE CORNER as Pablo, the best short order cook in Chicago.

Lead Role for the movie GOLDEN FLOWER as Eduardo De Ovando, a wealthy philanthropist.

Strong Supporting Role for the webseries OPEN TO IT as Eduardo, a father to an out-of-the-closet son and a husband to a bossy wife.

Strong Supporting Role for  IMPLOSION as Chavez, Baltimore Broadcasting Company’s Editor in Chief.

Strong Supporting Role for the movie ASTROGENESIS as Volante, the best unrecognized UFO expert.

Strong Supporting Role for the movie THE LAST TENANT as Juan Ibanez, a smuggler searching for his daughter.

Supporting Role for the movie SOMEDAY AT CHRISTMAS as Sebastian, a kind, generous and skillful artist.

Strong Series Regular Role as Father Martin, on Argentina’s new TV Show ENTRE CANIBALES. Directed by Oscar Winning Director: Juan Campanella and Produced by the most important Network, TELEFE. The Show aired in Uruguay via MonteCarlo Network, in Russia via SONY Channel, in Israel via YES DRAMA, in all Latin America via FOX_Life.


Tweets regarding Danny’s performance playing Father Martin.

National General Market TV Commercial for CINTAS.

National General Market TV Commercial for WALMART.

National Hispanic Market TV Commercial for WALMART.

Regional Hispanic Market TV Commercial for TOYOTA

National TV Commercial for WAL-MART.

National TV Commercial for Applebee’s .

Voiceover for Disneyland California Adventure’s Golden Zephyr ride as the welcoming on-board Pilot.

Narrated various Characters for the Audiobook  THE CALL TO UNITE by Tim Shriver, from Penguin Random  House Publishing.

Recurring character as ROCHA for the Netflix/Dreamworks TV Series FAST & FURIOUS: SPY RACERS

Narrated various Industrial Videos for HEXAGON MINING for their MineOpearte, MineMeasure and MineProtect softwares.

National TV Commercial for VISA.

Lead Character as RECKLESS LEON for the Videogame app BEAT BLADE: DASH DANCE for EC Innovations.

Voiceover for National Radio Commercial for Nissan.

Voicing a Brazilian Thug and other characters for the eagerly awaited  Videogame CYBERPUNK 2077, with Keanu Reeves.

Principal role voicing Smolder Bravestone in the Videogame JUMANJI – THE VIDEOGAME, replacing Dwayne Johnson for the European Spanish speaking market.

Lead Role in TV Show TALES episode Bodak Yellow as Rocco, a strip-club owner and antagonist of the story about “Cardi B’s” life.

Starring Role in Feature Film 7 DAYS TO VEGAS as Sandor, a degenerate poker player and gambler. Directed by Eric Balfour, written by Vincent Van Patten and starred by a slate of known actors. Available now on iTunes, Amazon Prime, YouTube and Vudu.

Lead Role as Detective Perez on SINS OF THE FATHER, a drama based on a true crime story. Developed by and available on the network TV ONE. AJ Johnson stars as his partner Phylicia Richardson.  

Key Supporting role as “Carlos”, a Puerto Rican drug dealer with a lot more than you expect in THE LEGEND OF COCAINE ISLAND,  a Netflix Original.  World Premiered at Tribeca Film Festival 2018 with excellent comments and reviews. Fourth Docu-film most watched on Netflix. 

Impersonating the famous reporter and host of his own show Geraldo Rivera in his supporting role in the movie NICOLE & OJ.

Co-Star Role on the CBS TV Show SEAL TEAM as Lieutenant Vargas, an arrogant Paraguayan Army man confronting Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) determined to show off his skills as leader of a make-believe competent rescue team.

Co-Star Role on the American science-fiction drama television series COLONY as the Argentinean Delegate. Again, Danny was Directed by Oscar Winning Director: Juan Campanella, who is one of the Excecutive Producers of the show.

Voiceover for the 2019  “FAST & FURIOUS – SPY RACERS”  Animated Series from DREAMWORKS. 

Supporting Role on movie “TURNOVER” as the Brad. 

Voiceover for UNITED AIRLINES for their new and upcoming TV & Radio Commercial “World Orchestra” .

Commercial for DIRECTV as their Spokesperson.

Voiceover for the 2019 PBR Bull Riders World Championship for Professional Bull Riders, Inc

Print campaign for PHILIPS Aging & Caring product line.

Hilarious spot for FUNNER CALIFORNIA, Spanish soapopera style.

Danny stars with Jane Santos, in the Series called “FORGIVENESS”, that was written and created by Jane and Danny. This series explores the life of a couple and what they have to deal with after a horrendous event. How each other cope with the brutal reality and how forgiveness, after all, is what keeps their relationship strong and alive over time.