Danny was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, so naturally, Spanish is his first language. He attended one of Argentina’s most prestigious British schools, BELGRANO DAY SCHOOL, from the age of 3 through completion of high school.

With 15 years of bi-lingual education and having studied subjects in both English and Spanish (ie, literature, physics, chemistry, history, science and biology), he was hand-selected to join The BDSarians (an elite group), translating British books into Spanish. Fortunate enough, he was able to co-write and perform in English and Spanish in a Theater Play called: IT’S POSSIBLE (also directed by students).

After graduating from high school, Danny started working with his dad in his mattress manufacturing company SUAVEGOM, and at the same time he studied Business Management. Being the only one who was bi-lingual in the company, Danny accompanied his father for international business trips as the official translator. All international documentation, such as import documents and contracts, were translated by Danny as well. In 2001, he immigrated to the USA to pursue his business career. In August 2003, he started a brand new opportunity: ACTING, and ever since, he has performed all across the board in the entertainment industry. Please feel free to navigate this website.

Links: Belgrano Day School  /  Suavegom Colchones: Suavegom


49,999 words or under $0.165
from 50,000 to 74,999 $0.152
from 75,000 to 99,999 $0.140
from 100,000 and above $0.125
20% In advance *
20% Upon delivery of 50% of the book *
30% Upon delivery of 75% of the book *
30.00% + Word adjustment for Spanish ‡ Upon delivery of 100% of the book

NOTES: If paying with Paypal, their 3.4% transaction fee will be added to the $/Word rate.

* Advance and Partial payments are determined based on the word count in English.
† Final Payment is calculated adjusting the total word count in Spanish.
‡ Spanish language uses more words than English to convey the same meaning, hence the total count of words in Spanish will differ from the English, resulting in up to 20% more words.
# Turnaround is calculated at a rate of 400 words an hour in average.


Dollars per Finished Hour ¥ $450
25% Upon delivery of 25% of the book
25% Upon delivery of 2nd. 25% = 50% of the book
25% Upon delivery of 3rd. 25% = 75% of the book
25% Upon delivery of 4th. 25% = 100% of the book

NOTES: ¥ Dollar per Finished Hourrefers to the final mastered and edited hour of clean audio ready to play.

If paying with Paypal, their 3.4% transaction fee will be added to the Dollars per Finished Hour rate.


“It has been my pleasure to deal with Danny Pardo over the last year. Mr. Pardo has assisted the great publishing team behind my novels, the #1 National Best Selling, multiple award winning Threads West, An American Saga series with both Spanish translation and Spanish audio narration. The degree of care which goes into his translation is more than impressive, as is the terrific emotion and inflection he lends to the story. It is as if he becomes one with the tale and the characters who live the pages. I must admit my Spanish is at best, rusty, but simply the intonations of his reading evokes the visceral!

I highly recommend Mr. Pardo for any work with Spanish translation, or Spanish narration. He is a pleasure to deal with, highly conscientious, and gifted.”


Reid Lance Rosenthal #1 Best Selling, Award Winning Author |
“I am enjoying the book as never before. You do an extraordinary voice for this novel. Very natural, a truly assured style, very intelligent reading. Truly, you took JUST the right attitude – inflections, emphasized words, all the right moves. You did a marvelous job. I could not be more pleased.”Rob W. Walker